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At Rose Essential Oils we love all essential oils but there is one in particular that we love because of it’s healing properties…

Rose Essential Oil – And here are our three reasons why!

1. Rose Oil Has Been Proven To Improve Depression

There are numerous studies that show that Rose Oil boosts self esteem, confidence, and mental strength and helps people fight depression. When Rose Oil is given routinely to patients suffering from anxiety and depression they report a boost of positive thoughts, relaxation and feeling so joy, happiness and hope.

Recently a study was conducted with mothers who were suffering from postpartum depression. The researchers split the group into two groups: one who would receive a 15 minute aromatherapy session with a rose/lavender oil twice a week for four weeks and the second group was set as the control who didn’t receive any aromatherapy.

The results?

The women in the aromatherapy group reported a significant decrease in their postnatal depression.

How to use Rose Oil for Depression & Anxiety: Put 5 drops of rose oils in your diffuser and leave it burning for 15 minutes.

2. Rose Oil for Skin Health

Rose essential oil has antiviral and antiseptic properties. In fact it has been proven to help fade acne scarring and can destroy the bacteria responsible for acne.

How to use rose oil for acne: Using a cotton bud drop of pure rose essential oil on to the tip and dab on your acne two to three times a day. If you have sensitive skin dilute your rose oil with a drop of water.

3. Rose Oil as a Libido Enhancer

It’s by no accident that roses represent love and romance! Historically roses have been known to act as an aphrodisiac and it’s the oil from these beautiful flowers that is key to these romantic properties.  The scent of rose oils can cause feelings of arousal and boosting your libido.

Another reason why rose oil acts as a libido enhancer are the anti anxiety properties – which can help you unwind and destress.

Rose oil also has hormone balancing properties which is useful for women in the after child birth, peri menopause, or menopause.

How to use rose oil for libido: Add 5 drops to your diffuser and burn in the evening before bed.

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